Allmysms.com is a professional SMSmessaging platform. Allmysms.com offers one of the most complete messaging platform, with extremely competitive rates re-evaluated every month. Thanks to the secure customer area available in SAAS mode, to the various APIs (HTTPS, FTP, MAIL2SMS), to connectors and SMS modules and smartphone applications, you have all the tools necessary to carry out your SMS marketing operations, your bulks or automate your SMS sending.

By clicking on the links and buttons « Free trial » or « Registration », you will have access to a simplified form allowing you to register for free and without any obligation. Once your registration is validated, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account and benefit from 20 free SMS.

A test module is available on our home page. By entering your phone number, you will receive a SMS test and you will be able to analyze our service quality. If you want to test our customer area, simply register, 20 SMS are offered.

You can reach us at any time from the contact section of the site, chat room, or via the assistance section in the customer area. You can also contact us by phone: +33 (0) 4 22 13 16 45. (Local call price).

All allmysms.com services are used directly on an internet browser, on SAAS mode, without prior installation of software. Allmysms.com is compatible with all internet browsers and all operating systems.


Yes, Allmysms.com is developed in Responsive Design. This means that the site and the customer area will display correctly on any type of screen, regardless of its size. In addition, an Android application is available for download.

No. The interface offered by allmysms.com is extremely simple and does not require special skills. Without any commitment, you can create an account and test our service. 20 SMS will be offered. If you want to integrate SMS into a web tool on the market, you can even use our Zapier or Zoho Flow connectors to integrate SMS into your tools with a few clicks.

With an open rate of over 90%, SMS is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers.Whatever the volumes to send, allmysms.com offers you the best price and many tools to bulk your SMS campaigns.

It’s easy. Create an account then identify yourself. You can send a few test SMS directly with 20 free SMS. Create your contact lists, then credit your account with an SMS package or push your SMS campaign directly. You can pay directly at the end of the order.
Statistics will be available in real time as soon as your bulk has started.

It is instantaneous, sometimes a couple of seconds.

You have the option of choosing whether you want to send the SMS immediately or on a delayed basis. In this case, you can choose the date and time of dispatch, to the nearest minute. Solutions for sending by time slots, recurring sending, birthdays are also available.

Non-SMS compatible characters are filtered by our verification software. If, despite everything, you receive text messages with strange characters, it could be from a copy/paste action, a web page. In this case, please copy the message manually and try again; this usually solves the problem. If this persists, please contact support.

From the moment the text is submitted to the mobile operator, it is billed and therefore credited from your account.

Yes, for all shipments in mainland France, the responses are automatically available in your inbox. Answers are only available if the sender has not been personalized.

You can pay using your prepaid balance or directly at the end of the order, by Credit Card, bank wire or check. We also offer payment by Paypal on request, and by direct debit in case of end-of-month payment.

Yes. You can send SMS in more than 200 countries worldwide, to more than 700 operators.

The maximum length of a text message is 160 characters.
Allmysms.com offers to send long SMS, longer than 160 characters. In this case, the character and SMS counter of the interface will indicate to you in real time the number of SMS corresponding to your message.
Long text messages are concatenated to be received in one piece by the recipient (in this case the length of each text message is 153 characters). Some special characters can count double.

On manager.allmysms.com, you have a « forgotten password » link, allowing you to receive a new password by email.

To change/modify your personal information, log into your customer area, and select « Change profile » from the drop-down menu at the top right.

The number of contacts is almost unlimited. Lists of more than 500,000 contacts are managed without any problem.

Yes. All your correspondents can respond STOP to text messages to unsubscribe automatically. The STOP is taken into account immediately.

When you add a list in allmysms.com, it is automatically cleaned up. Duplicates are removed and phone numbers are formatted in international format directly.

Your SMS balance is always displayed on your customer area, at the top right of your interface. The API gives you access to this information too.

Allmysms.com strives every day to provide the best service quality while offering the most attractive rates on the market. Our rates are therefore among the cheapest.
It may happen that you find cheaper elsewhere. In this case, do not hesitate to compare the service offered by connecting to our customer area.
Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Your invoices are available in your customer area, in the « Invoices » section of the left menu.
You can print, send them by email or download in PDF format.

Mail To SMS

The bulk of commercial SMS is strictly prohibited between 8pm. and 8am on calendar days, Sunday all day and public holidays.
Criminal sanctions can be heavy, up to €1,000 per breach noted according to the operator.

No. You can only send text messages to contacts that agreed to your service and registered to your text message program.

Allmysms.com garantie to never use data from your contact lists, as defined in our privacy policy. A confidentiality commitment document can be provided upon request (NDA).